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Jason Sutton's style is best described as southern, deep-fried punk with a side of robots and technology; Black and white, surreal scenes sometimes with added color. Jason Sutton's art glimpses the inner workings of the playland that is his brain. The art you see before you is not designed for the suits; it isn't for the masses. Sometimes subversive and weird most of the time; They are his thoughts and visions transcribed to the physical realm. He describes a different way to look at the world in which we live.

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Prince RIP
Robot Monkeys
Radioactive Tree
Love Owl
Corporate Tool
Insert Pain Loop
Return To Sedner
Dormant Script Active
Downward Thrust
Ignorance = Zen
Binary Bug
Digital Flower
Danger Will Robinson
Double Snap
Go Ahead Jam It In
The Spot
On The 8th Day
Eye Mandala
Reboot Needed
Electrolux Bot
Bernie Inauguration
Hillary Inauguration
Obama Inauguration
Trump Inauguration
NSA Listens
2 Theories On Women
I Reckon I Might Be
I Like Them Pickles
New Federal Guidelines
Ron Gone Trolling
Redneck Winders

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