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If you don't have a process in place to weed out the bad ideas from the good ideas or have a process which you go through to make the good ideas great, you will probably waste most of your time on the bad ideas. And, in the meantime, you will lose your customers.

We do not work in a box. Guidelines for our projects are established inside the box, but we think outside the box to find pragmatic and innovative solutions that will fit the needs of your business and your customers.

Since technology makes it all work, many fall into the technology trap. It's the misconception that technology is the answer to all problems and therefore it gets the most important consideration. While a very important part of the equation, it's still one part of the whole picture. When one part of the customer's experience is given more weight than the other, the goals of the project quickly get overshadowed.

This is how we are different: We use a 4 phase process that does not rely upon Technology, Design or Marketing independently. They are all very important. Their equality is so important; we have constructed The Thought Foundry Process™ so that these individual disciplines work together very tightly as a cohesive unit.

A brief description:

The Analysis and Recommendations Phase is a comprehensive research phase. We collaborate to define goals and objectives, target audience, functionality, technology, content requirements and maintenance.

The outcome is cumulated into a document called the Project Blueprint. This document contains recommendations and all necessary information that will be the basis for executing the project. The principles contained within this document will guide the outcome of the rest of the project.


The Design and Prototype Phase is where we take the market research, goals, and recommendations from the Blueprint to build the look and feel, information architecture and the user's experience. The project's significantly unique items will be visualized to match the goals. The outcome of this exploration will result in a graphical and informational architecture design.

Once we have presented the initial designs, we develop a prototype. The prototype is where look and feel, technology, information architecture and user experience are realized. The goal of the prototype is to build a small functional portion of the project that will demonstrate the objectives of the Blueprint.


The Development and Quality Assurance Phase is where we build the project based upon the research and development from the first three phases. We finalize the Content and Guidelines Catalog and build the project based on the previously established guidelines and delivery schedule.


The last phase is execution of Marketing, Measurement and Maintenance; (The 3 M's).

The marketing plan of the site is deployed. Project effectiveness is measured and compared to the goals of the Blueprint. And, Specific dates are established for iterative revisions, expansion and ongoing support.

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